Issue 85
  January 2018

Scammers jailed


Scandalous marks


Spring Team Meeting


New study on GIs


IP Key China


News from EUIPO


Field Notes: Play-Doh


New GI/TSG emblem in Turkey


TM changes in Argentina


Hague Workshop and Social Media Webinar


Hague Agreement developments


Media Roundup

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Scammers jailed over misleading invoices

Fraudsters in Sweden have been sentenced to prison for their role in sending misleading invoices to EUTM owners using the letterhead “OMIH”, in a case in which MARQUES gave evidence.


Scandalous marks: a global guide

In connection with the well-received presentation at last year's Annual Conference, the MARQUES IP Emerging Issues Team has compiled a table showing rules on immoral and scandalous marks in 39 countries. Kate Swaine and Laetitia Lagarde introduce it.


Book now for Spring Team Meeting

The 16th MARQUES Annual Team Meetings will take place on 8 and 9 March 2018 in the Gran Hotel Miramar, Paseo de Reding, 22, 29016 Málaga, Spain. Booking is now open for Team and Council members.


New study on GIs


IP Key China project to support EU firms in China

A study on the ‘Protection and Control of Geographical Indications for Agricultural Products in the EU Member States’ was published by the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights in December.


IP Key China, launched on 17 January, aims to strengthen and support the IP system in China through specialised collaboration with the EU.

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Latest news from EUIPO

Recent announcements from EUIPO include the launch of the User Satisfaction Survey, cooperation initiatives, JPO records being added to DesignView and new seminars and webinars.


Field Notes from the Outer Borders: Play-Doh applies for rare smell mark in US

In the latest in its series of Field Notes concerning unusual trade marks, Janet Satterthwaite of the IP Emerging Issues Team looks at Hasbro’s attempt to register the distinctive smell of a can of Play-Doh as a trade mark.


New GI/TSG emblem in Turkey


Big trade mark changes proposed in Argentina

Özlem Fütman of the MARQUES GI Team explains the new rules on labelling traditional specialities guaranteed and geographical indications in Turkey.


Emergency Decree No 27/2018 includes substantial amendments to the Trademark Law designed to shorten prosecution and simplify opposition, cancellation for non-use and nullity procedures. Marco Rizzo Jurado explains.

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Coming soon: Hague Workshop and Social Media/Marketplaces Webinar

MARQUES will host the next in its series of Hague Agreement workshops in Copenhagen on 15 March, and there will be a webinar on protecting IP rights in social media and online marketplaces on 29 March.

Mastering The Hague Agreement

The latest in the series of events on The Hague Agreement, hosted by MARQUES in collaboration with WIPO, will take place on Thursday 15 March, starting at 15.30 CET.

This seminar will be held at the office of NJORD Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The objective of the Seminar is to give users the opportunity to learn more about the functioning of the Hague System and how to use it in practice. Particularly, the Seminar will focus on the recent experience in respect of designations of Japan, the Republic of Korea or the United States of America to provide European users with some feedback and guidance.

In the first part, Grégoire Bisson, Director of The Hague Registry at WIPO, will lead a discussion on "experiences gained after the accession of South Korea, Japan and the USA". Afterwards, Peter Gustav Olson of NJORD Law Firm, who is a member of the MARQUES Designs Team, will talk about "recommendations relating to the disclosure of an industrial design: what pictures should use use when filing internationally?"

The seminar is due to finish at 18:00 and will be followed by refreshments.

Registration is €100 (MARQUES members) or €125 (non-members) and can be made online.

This will be the third seminar held in this series on The Hague System. The previous ones took place in Munich and Paris, and you can read more about them in the April 2017 and June 2017 issues of HouseMARQUES respectively.

Social Media and Marketplaces webinar

MARQUES will host a webinar titled "Social Media and Marketplaces back to basics: ...'Food' for thoughts" on Thursday 29 March at 3pm CEST/2pm BST.

The webinar is free to join and full details are available here.

The webinar will provide an overview and case studies on strategies to protect IP rights in some social media and online marketplace platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Alibaba and Amazon). It will explain the latest take down procedures as well as other tools available to tackle IP infringements.

There will also be a presentation by in-house lawyers from two multinational companies - who operate in the food industry - discussing the main issues they face and the practical solutions that can be adopted in both social media and online marketplace environments.

The speakers are:

  • Ezio Bonaccorso, Nestlé Group
  • Luca Barbero, STUDIO BARBERO SpA
  • James Brady, Mars

You can register for the webinar online now.

Readers interested in this topic might also like to download the recently published guide to internet platforms and social media sites, published by the Anti-Counterfeiting and Parallel Trade Team. MARQUES members can access it here (login required).

For the latest information on all MARQUES conferences, seminars and webinars, see the Events section of the website.

Photo of Grégoire Bisson by Emmanuel Berrot/WIPO

Latest Hague Agreement developments


MARQUES Media Roundup

WIPO has published information regarding the Hague Agreement’s application in Russia and Spain.


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