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Some disputes end too soon
Tags: geographical indications, geographical name as trade mark, Polish Patent Office, trade mark invalidation
Posted By: Tomasz Rychlicki
Posted on 12/02/2013 @ 12.21
OHIM Boards of Appeal: the blue sea of Kiel
Tags: OHIM Boards of Appeal, geographical indications, descriptive trademarks
Posted By: Benedetta Cordovado
Posted on 14/08/2012 @ 07.03
Seggiano PDO registered.
Tags: PDO, GI, Protected designation of Origin, Geographical Indication, Seggiano, objection member state
Posted By: Edith Van den Eede
Posted on 14/12/2011 @ 13.44
EU-Switzerland GI Agreement entering into force on 1 December 2011
Tags: GI, PDO, EU, Switzerland, agreement on trade in agricultural products, agreement on the protection of designations of origin and geographical indications for agricultural products and foodstuffs
Posted By: Edith Van den Eede
Posted on 27/11/2011 @ 16.20
‘Plop’ says the cork: champagne for Champagne against Andrélon’s shampoo
Tags: Champagne, Geographical Indication, Netherlands
Posted By: Gino Van Roeyen
Posted on 11/10/2010 @ 11.45
Berlin Appeals Court backs ‘Parmesan’ label as purely Italian and upholds case against German Parmesan copycats.
Tags: Italy, PDO, PGI, Geographical Indication, Parmigiano Reggiano, Parmesan, trade mark Germany
Posted By: Edith Van den Eede
Posted on 03/09/2010 @ 14.20
Finland: Lappish Beer Migrating South
Tags: Finland, trade marks, geographical indications
Posted By: Mikael Kolehmainen
Posted on 20/10/2009 @ 13.12
Swiss customs seizes Victorinox goods
Tags: customs, Geographical indications, Switzerland
Posted By: Mark Schweizer
Posted on 04/08/2009 @ 07.56
Swiss take Feta hostage
Tags: eu commission, Geographical indications, Protected Designations of Origin, Switzerland
Posted By: Mark Schweizer
Posted on 23/07/2009 @ 14.04
Spain: on trade marks, geographical indications and wine (again!).
Tags: Geographical indications, Spain, wines.
Posted By: Ignacio Marques
Posted on 09/06/2009 @ 09.41