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The Education Team has prepared a list of publications available, in the field of intellectual property with specific reference to trade marks.   If you would like to add to this list please send details of the relevant publication, preferably with a short summary or review to info@marques.org
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Recommended Reading: Italy

Diritto industriale - Proprietą intellettuale e concorrenza

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ISBN: 8834826876
Author: Auteri, Floridia, Mangini, Olivieri, Ricolfi, Spada
Publisher:   Giappichelli
Published in Italian

A complete guide to Italian Industrial Property law, Intellectual Property law and Competition law, written by outstanding IP Professors.

Le Sezioni Specializzate italiane della proprietą industriale e intellettuale (Italy)    (Italy)

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ISBN: 9788814160929
Author: Scuffi Massimo, Tavassi Marina
Publisher:   De Ferrari e Devega, Gnova
Published in English

A reference book containing English translation reviews of decisions rendered by the newly introduced IP District-Courts. A very useful book for non-Italian practitioners to get preliminary advice on the current trends of Italian jurisprudence in trademark matters.

Manuale Di Diritto Inndustriale

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ISBN: 8814145377
Author: Vanzetti - Di Cataldo
Publisher:   Giuffre
Published in Italian

The quintessence of Italian Industrial Property Law, the book that cannot miss in the bookcas of Italian practitioners

Percepire il Marchio; Dall'identita del Segno Alla Confondibilita
Author: Stefano Sandri
Publisher:   Experta
Published in Italian

This work approaches the trade mark, as a legal issue, by the perspectives of the rules of perception. In this respect it represents a very unique contribute within the framework of the traditional literature landscape of the Intellectual property

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