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Hague System webinars

Readers might be interested in two upcoming webinars, which are part of a series hosted by The Hague Development and Promotion Section of WIPO.

The webinars will include a Q&A session with questions answered by Hague experts.

The details are:

More information, and registration forms, are available by clicking on the links above which go to WIPO’s website.

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Global design filing trends revealed

There were an estimated 1.1 million industrial design applications, containing 1.4 million designs, filed worldwide in 2020, according to the recently published WIPO World Intellectual Property Indicators Report. This represents a 2% year-on-year increase.

China’s IP office received applications containing 770,362 designs in 2020 (55.5% of the world total). It was followed by the EUIPO (113,196) and KIPO (70,821), USPTO (50,743) and Turkey (47,653).

Regional trends

Among the top 10 offices, the UK (+9.5%) and China (+8.3%) recorded strong growth in design filing activity in 2020.

Offices located in Asia accounted for 70.9% of all designs in applications filed worldwide in 2020, up from 60.8% in 2010.

Europe’s share declined from 31.5% in 2010 to 22.1% in 2020. The combined share of the rest of the world was 7%.

The total number of industrial design registrations in force worldwide grew by 11% in 2020 to reach around 4.8 million.

The largest number of registrations in force was in China (2.2 million), followed by the United States (371,870), the Republic of Korea (369,526), Japan (263,307) and the EUIPO (251,692).

Types of product

Designs related to furniture and household goods (18.4%) accounted for the largest proportion of global filing activity in 2020; followed by textiles and accessories (14.1%); tools and machines (11.6%); electricity and lighting (9.8%) and construction (8.5%).

The image shows the Report cover. Read more about the Report on WIPO’s website here.

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UK IPO provides update on design issues

Class 99 readers may be interested in the following update from the UK IPO dated 29 October regarding design rights:

Design journal: We have been experiencing technical issues with the design journal, which has impacted our ability to display images of designs registered in the UK. We have identified a solution, which is currently in progress, which is restoring the images. We expect this work to be completed by the end of November.

DesignView: As a result of the above issue, we have not been able to upload records of designs registered in the UK to DesignView. The solution to the Designs Journal will solve this issue.

DF21 – Request for a search of the UK designs register: As a result of the above issue, we have temporarily suspended our search of the UK designs register service. We cannot give a definitive timescale as to when we will be able to resume our search service. If you have already paid for a DF21, we will process this once the images have been restored to the register.

Missing Designs: We still have some designs missing from the system following the end of the transition period. Work to upload these images should take place at the weekend and we’ll confirm as soon as we can that it has taken place.

The UK IPO apologies for issues experienced and says it will provide further updates as and when it expects the outstanding issues to be resolved.

Thanks to Roland Mallinson, Chair of the Brexit Task Force, for sharing this information.

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DesignEuropa Awards 2021 winners announced

The Relio2 lighting system and the Philips IntelliVue X3 portable health monitor won the Small and Emerging Companies Award and the Industry Award respectively at the DesignEuropa Awards held in Eindhoven today.

The Relio² professional lighting system, created by Italian designer Marco Bozzola, is engineered to emit a light comparable to sunlight by making subtle chromatic variations.

The Philips IntelliVue X3 portable patient monitor, designed by Fabian Benedikter and Ceren Bagatar, allows for continuous monitoring of patients and enables safe and secure movement within hospitals.

The winning designs were chosen from a list of eight finalists.

The DesignEuropa Awards are organised by EUPIO to recognise designs that are protected as RCDs as well as leading figures in design.

As previously announced, the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to André Ricard, designer of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics torch.

The Awards were held in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Benelux Office for IP, and coincided with Dutch Design Week.

MARQUES 2nd Vice-Chair Claudia Pappas of Thyssenkrupp attended the ceremony.

More information about the awards is available on EUIPO’s website here. The photo of the winners and VIP guests was shared by EUIPO on Twitter.

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Hague System Member Profiles upgraded

WIPO has given the Hague System Member Profiles a fresher look and feel, with enhanced layout and content.

The Hague System Member Profiles provide instant, free access to information on Hague System Members, including specific requirements, domestic laws, practices and procedures.

The interface is available in English, French and Spanish. Information can be searched and downloaded in PDF or XLS format.

The recent changes include a three-step process to retrieve information, more searchable fields (including which offices are examining offices, which have specific requirements regarding unity of design and which do not allow deferment of publication) and regional groupings.

Information is updated with the latest information from IP offices of Hague System members. You can sign up to receive alerts on all major changes.

The Hague System currently covers more than 90 countries.

Find out more about the Hague System Member Profiles in this WIPO announcement (published on 21 September 2021).

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Important information on designs and Brexit

Readers with registered design rights in Europe should take note of the following update regarding Brexit, shared by the MARQUES Brexit Task Force:

30 September is not just an important deadline for re-filing for UK trade mark protection where an EUTM had been pending on 31 December 2020. It is important for registered designs too where they were registered before then but subject to deferred publication and some lapsed design registrations.

There are three scenarios when this applies:

  1. Registered Community Designs (RCDs) that were registered pre-31 December 2020 but which were subject to publication deferred until after that date were not automatically cloned into comparable UK re-registered rights. They need to be re-filed in the UK if UK protection is required and 30 September is the deadline for doing that in order to secure the same priority date as the RCD. A re-registered UK design only arose automatically if the RCD was registered and published before exit day.
  2. Likewise, for Hague applications that designated the EU, a re-registered UK design only arose automatically if the RCD was registered and published and a statement from the EUIPO was sent to WIPO (or the time limit for doing so expired) before 31 December 2020. That is covered in schedule 1B of the relevant statutory instrument). Again, if any of the criteria was not fulfilled, a separate UK application must be filed if UK protection is required.
  3. 30 September 2021 is also the deadline for holders of renewable international designs that expired between 30 June 2020 and 31 December 2020 to notify the UKIPO of any renewal to ensure the corresponding re-registered UK design is issued.

Thanks to MARQUES Executive member Roland Mallinson for sharing this information. For more information about Brexit, see the Brexit Task Force page.

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DesignEuropa Awards 2021 finalists announced

The eight finalists in the third edition of the DesignEuropa Awards come from seven countries and span sectors including healthcare, advanced engineering, automation and access solutions, furniture, professional lighting, outdoor appliances, security and IoT.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Eindhoven on 19 October, hosted by EUIPO in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the BOIP.

There are four finalists in the Industry category:

  • SWEDEN: Aperio® H100 smart door handle (ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions; designers: Mauro Menin)
  • THE NETHERLANDS: Philips IntelliVue X3 portable patient monitor (Koninklijke Philips N.V.; designers: Fabian Benedikter and Ceren Bagatar)
  • SPAIN: Talent desk system (Actiu Berbegal y Formas S.A.; designer: Marcelo Alegre)
  • USA: John Deere 8 Series tractors (Deere & Company; designers: Felix Nagelin, Brian Huenink, John W. Krieger, Eric Keen, Sebastian M. Himpel, Thorsten Hagner, Daniel J. Deboer, Martin Clay, Michael D. Kollath, Richard Knowels Jr, Thomas C. Boe, Charles Warren)

The finalists in the SME category are:

  • GERMANY: Knister Grill (Knister GmbH; designer: Carolin Kunert)
  • SWEDEN: MiniFinder Nano personal safety alarm (MiniFinder Sweden AB; designer: Dean Maros)
  • ITALY: Relio² professional lighting system (Relio Labs s.r.l.; designer: Marco Bozzola)
  • POLAND: StethoMe digital stethoscope (StethoMe sp z.o.o.; designer: Michał Bonikowski)

Lifetime Achievement

The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to André Ricard, known for the torch design of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics as well the Copenhagen ashtray and the Tatu lamp.

Find out more about the finalists, the Lifetime Achievement winner, the jury and the Award Ceremony on EUIPO’s website.

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