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Yo! Slang words can also be confused
Tags: Yo, likelihood of confusion, general court, food
Posted By: Christian Tenkhoff
Posted on 05/06/2015 @ 15.38
Tags: EU, Morocco, Geographical indications, GIs, foodstuffs, agricultural products
Posted By: Edith Van den Eede
Posted on 01/03/2015 @ 14.47
Morality, sex and the Greek TM Office
Tags: Greece, Greek TM Office, food, porn, foodporn, sex, morality, absolute grounds for refusal
Posted By: Nikos Prentoulis
Posted on 13/06/2014 @ 10.12
General Court: Star foods v. Star snacks
Tags: General court, likelihood of confusion, star foods, star snacks
Posted By: Laetitia Lagarde
Posted on 12/10/2012 @ 07.40
EU-Switzerland GI Agreement entering into force on 1 December 2011
Tags: GI, PDO, EU, Switzerland, agreement on trade in agricultural products, agreement on the protection of designations of origin and geographical indications for agricultural products and foodstuffs
Posted By: Edith Van den Eede
Posted on 27/11/2011 @ 16.20
Poland: food labelling
Tags: Poland, food labelling, Council Regulation 1234/2007
Posted By: Tomasz Rychlicki
Posted on 24/10/2011 @ 11.09
PASSION FOR BETTER FOOD lacks distinctiveness in Luxembourg
Tags: General court, absolute grounds, passion for better food
Posted By: Laetitia Lagarde
Posted on 29/09/2011 @ 12.32
Switzerland: use of an image of a fruit on artificially flavoured syrup not misleading
Tags: switzerland, food labeling laws
Posted By: Mark Schweizer
Posted on 21/09/2010 @ 10.02
Switzerland: health claims regulation fully in force after 31 March 2010
Tags: Switzerland, health claims, food
Posted By: Mark Schweizer
Posted on 16/02/2010 @ 13.41
New logo for all EU organic products
Tags: EU, organic farming, labelling, foodstuffs
Posted By: Mark Schweizer
Posted on 10/02/2010 @ 13.13