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Poland: the nature of services
Tags: Poland, criminal law, trade mark infringement, services, Polish Industrial Property Law
Posted By: Tomasz Rychlicki
Posted on 01/09/2014 @ 18.04
Poland: criminal charges for selling fake PGI
Tags: PGI, Poland, criminal law, obwarzanek krakowski
Posted By: Tomasz Rychlicki
Posted on 20/01/2012 @ 13.28
Spain – Selling wine under a fake Geographical Indication is an IP offence, but also a prosecutable fraud.
Tags: criminal law., geographic indication, Spain
Posted By: Ignacio Marques
Posted on 02/01/2009 @ 19.57
New Danish legislation enforces higher penalties for counterfeiting
Tags: Anti-counterfeiting, criminal law, Denmark
Posted By: Blog Administrator
Posted on 18/12/2008 @ 01.17
Poland: Counterfeit goods still attractive for buyers
Tags: Counterfeiting, counterfeits, criminal law, Poland, Polish law, Trade marks
Posted By: Tomasz Rychlicki
Posted on 13/12/2007 @ 09.42