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GC: two's company, three's a crowd and four's still not a valid mark
Tags: General Court, EUTM, Functionality, Technical Result, Absolute Grounds
Posted By: Christian Tenkhoff
Posted on 31/01/2018 @ 15.26
General Court: LEGO mini-figures win
Tags: General Court, LEGO, shape marks, 3D marks, mini-figures, figurines, distinctiveness, technical function, technical result
Posted By: Nikos Prentoulis
Posted on 18/06/2015 @ 09.19
AG Whathelet does not let KIT KAT
Tags: CEU, Advocate General, Whathelet, Nestle, KIT KAT, break, absolute grounds, distinctivenes, techincal function, technical result, shape of a product, shape mark, three dimensional mark, acquired distinctiveness,
Posted By: Nikos Prentoulis
Posted on 12/06/2015 @ 11.09