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IP Enforcement in Italy Enhanced through the Establishment of Specialised Bodies
Tags: Counterfeiting, Gdf, Italy
Posted By: Julia Holden
Posted on 07/04/2008 @ 09.22
Hamming it Up: Prosciuttos Sold on the Italian Market Found to be ‘Fakes’
Tags: Italy, Parma ham, PDO/DOP infringement
Posted By: Julia Holden
Posted on 19/03/2008 @ 18.31
Italy: Counterfeit Ferrari
Tags: Counterfeiting, Italy
Posted By: Tomasz Rychlicki
Posted on 27/02/2008 @ 12.30
Italy's Community trade mark courts in action
Tags: Community trade mark courts, Italy
Posted By: Blog Administrator
Posted on 20/01/2008 @ 15.08