China Team
The Team will be in charge of providing information and business tools to protect and enforce IPR in China and to guide Chinese brand owners on any European IP issues they may have.
China is the factory of the world. Not surprisingly, it is also the largest source of counterfeit products. However, the problems facing European brand-owners stem from more than just infringing manufacturers: domain name piracy, dozens of ports and Chinese B2B and B2C websites have created a global counterfeiting network. But, it's not all doom and gloom. At the top, the Chinese government has signalled its commitment to IP protection, while Chinese brand owners are placing more and more value in their brands - including trademark registration in Europe. Like other countries which have undergone rapid industrial and technological development, China is home to brand owners that are, or will soon be, international leaders in their field. The China Team is committed to assisting European brand owners navigate the complex brand-protection issues presented by China. In addition, the China Team works with officials from both regions to increase communication, as well as carry out best-practices and training programs beneficial to both Europe and China. Finally, the China Team is here to guide Chinese brand owners on any European IP issues they may have.
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Team Chair

Julia Hongbo Zhong
Lee and Li - Leaven IPR Agency Ltd
Team Web Manager
Team Vice-Chair

S├ębastien Vitali
Nestec S.A.

Guido Baumgartner
Coty Germany GmbH

Karin Becks
Arnold & Siedsma

Claus Christiansen

Mirjam de Werd
Abcor BV

Vladimir Djurovic

Tingxi Huo
Chofn IP

Megan Martin
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Loke-Khoon Tan
Baker McKenzie

Betty Wang
Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Lian Yunze
Jadong IP Law Firm