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IRs and Designating the US
Filing strategies and/or hands-on IR filing work
Tuesday, 26th September, 2017
Simmons & Simmons, 5 Boulevard de la Madeleine, 75001 Paris, France

Part of a Series of local events – hosted by MARQUES in collaboration with the USPTO

Together with Simmons & Simmons, MARQUES is hosting this seminar in on trade mark filing strategies for International Registrations under the Madrid System. The half-day seminar will feature speakers from WIPO and the USPTO and will be an invaluable opportunity for trade mark users to find out about specific requirements in the US compared with the French practice, and to raise any issues and concerns they have. They will be particularly relevant for users who designate the US in their IRs, who need to ensure that specifications meet the requirements of the USPTO.

The seminar will cover both legal and procedural issues, as well as explaining the tools available, and are designed to help applicants overcome objections when filing International Registrations based on the home application or registration. The seminar has been planned for the benefit of in-house counsel, trade mark lawyers and paralegals who work with the Madrid System on a daily basis.

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