DesignClass integrated into EUIPO design efiling

EUIPO has announced that DesignClass is now connected to EUIPO's design efiling. 

This means that when you reach the product indication stage of your efiling application, you can browse and select terms from DesignClass.

EUIPO says this means users will be able to benefit from the Harmonised Database of Product Indications (HDBPI):

  • More product indications to choose from: the HDBPI which is at the heart of EUIPO’s DesignClass, contains not only the Locarno product indications, but also the many more that are accepted by EU-based IP Offices and the EUIPO.
  • Easy access: the HDBPI follows the same structure of classes and subclasses as the Locarno Classification. The tool contains a tree structure to make it easy for users to find the correct product indication(s).
  • Available in 23 EU languages: selecting a product indication from the database can help reducing the translation costs when claiming a priority of a previously filed application in Europe.

DesignClass has also been integrated in other search systems with a design component, such as DesignView and eSearch Case Law.

To find out more, read the information on the EUIPO website.

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