New Convergence Project CP10

During the next Design Liaison Meeting in October a proposal for the definition of a new convergence project (CP10) will be presented and discussed. This proposal is the outcome of the second cycle of the ECP4 Convergence Analysis project.

CP10 – Criteria for assessing disclosure of designs on the internet will aim to establish a common approach to examining evidence of prior art disclosed on the internet. It is expected that, by the end of this project, participants will have created a Common Practice on assessing disclosure on the internet, which will contribute to enhanced access to the IP system and improved IP knowledge for all EU stakeholders.

Upon the recommendations of the Member States participating in the Liaison Meeting, the proposal will be presented to the EUIPO Management Board for adoption and decision to launch the projects. A kick-off could be possible in March 2018.

Thanks to MARQUES External Relations Officer Alessandra Romeo for sharing this information, which was circulated by EUIPO

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