WIPO: changes to the Common Regulations under the Madrid Agreement
Coming into effect today, 1 November 2017, are changes to the Common Regulations under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol concerning the international registration of trade marks.
Link  to WIPO's communication of 27 October 2017 here.
The changes include
  • Voluntary description of a mark (Rule 9): new option for applicants (and owners of IRs making a subsequent designation) to include a description of the mark in addition to the one contained in the basic application (addresses the issue of this being a requirement in some jurisdictions, such as the US and India, and the connected risk of a provisional refusal);
  • Appointment or cancellation of a representative (Rules 3, 25 and 32): WIPO will notify national intellectual property offices each time an IR proprietor of an international mark appoints or removes a representative;
  • Cancellation of subsequent designation of the United States caused by irregularities with Form MM18 (Rule 24(5)(c)): irregularities in an intent to use declaration in the US will no longer lead to abandonment of a subsequent designation request in other territories.
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