EUTM Reform: Important decisions by the EUIPO's Executive Director

As reported on the EUIPO's website, the Office's Executive Director has signed four new decisions relating to the changes to EUTM laws following the second wave of the EUTM Reform process which came into force on 1 October 2017.  These are:

  • Decision No EX-17-3 concerning the formal requirements of priority and seniority claims for EUTMs and IRs designating the EU setting out the requirements where information is available online, when documentation is required and rules on translations. Please click here

  • Decision No EX-17-5 concerning the formal requirements of priority claims for registered Community designs including the relaxation of requirements for a copy of earlier filing certificates. Please click here

  • Decision No EX-17-6 concerning technical specifications for annexes submitted on data carriers setting out the specific media accepted as data carriers, file formats and sizes, the treatment of incomplete or illegible annexes and the consequences of non-compliance. Please click here.

  • Decision No EX-17-7 concerning methods of payment of fees and charges covering issues such as the priority of administrative charges over other fees, lack of funds, the minimum amount to open an account, ‘insignificant amounts’ for refunds, the misuse of accounts and payments by credit/debit cards and current accounts. Please click here

  • Already published on 16 August 2017 was Decision No EX-17-4 which sets out the accepted means of electronic communication with the Office, in particular on the use of fax. The Decision also includes an Annex setting out the technical requirements, size and formats for attachments to electronic filing and communication. Please click here.

For more information about the EU trade mark reforms, watch the EUIPO's helpful overview video by clicking here.


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