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UDRP questions: WIPO selects some answers

Remember the days when those pesky domain name registrations seemed to be the respectable trade mark owner's worst  nightmare?  Fortunately things aren't nearly as bad as they could have been, not least because there exists a stable, relatively consistent and quite economical system for arbitrating URL disputes.  WIPO has a great deal of experience in this field now, and it shares this experience with its users.  In this context we are pleased to draw your attention to the following release:

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the release of the Third Edition of the WIPO Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP Questions (“WIPO Overview 3.0”), which was officially launched in May.  As a reflection of WIPO UDRP jurisprudence, the WIPO Overview is the go-to resource for WIPO complainants and respondents, and panelists alike. 

The number of cases managed by WIPO has nearly doubled since WIPO Overview 2.0;  it is through many of these cases that it has been possible to capture consensus views of WIPO UDRP panels as expressed in WIPO Overview 3.0.  Following review of thousands of new WIPO cases, this updated edition cites almost 1,000 representative decisions from over 265 WIPO panelists across some 100 issues, twice as many as were covered by version 2.0. 

Since creating the UDRP blueprint, WIPO has processed over 37,000 UDRP-based cases involving parties from 178 countries and decided in 21 languages by nearly 500 WIPO experts covering some 65 nationalities.

In a separate development, as of June 1, WIPO also administers cases under the policy for the EU domain, bringing to 75 the number of country code Top-Level Domains for which WIPO provides services.

You are welcome to learn more about WIPO domain name dispute resolution at

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