FRIDAY, 12 MAY 2017
More from Madrid: further WIPO Highlights

Yesterday we posted some highlights from the WIPO Madrid Highlights, release 1/2017.  Here are a couple more features you may be glad to know about:

Automatic Call Distribution System (ACD) Launched

The Madrid Registry introduced an ACD to improve responsiveness to customer queries. The system matches callers to WIPO Madrid staff taking calls in English, French and Spanish. Implementation of the ACD system is just one part of a broader Madrid Registry initiative focused on delivering better customer service for trademark owners and representatives. Over the coming months, new online contact forms will be introduced and the number of contact points will be further streamlined.


Guide to Completing the Most Frequently Used Forms

Making the Most of the Madrid System, the quick and simple reference to completing Madrid forms, is now available in the three Madrid System working languages: EnglishFrench and Spanish.  

This manual outlines practical tips on how to complete Madrid forms, including information concerning optional and mandatory fields. Essential Madrid System information, including filing, geographical expansion, renewal, and modification of several parameters of your international registration, is also included.

Making the Most of the Madrid System also provides specific guidance on costs and method of payment relating to each transaction.

It's good to know that WIPO is so committed to spreading the word -- and we at MARQUES are delighted to be able to pass the word on!

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