Economic performance of Europe's IP-rich industries: more data and analysis from the Observatory

The second edition of the study on Intellectual property rights intensive industries and economic performance in the European Union: Industry-Level Analysis has now been released by the European Observatory on Infringements.  According to our friends at the Observatory:

This present study is the first update since the original report that was carried out by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO) and published in 2013. There are some significant new features which provide a substantially improved overview of the situation of IPR-intensive industries in Europe. First, the scope has been widened to take account of new developments such as the accession of Croatia in 2013 and to include another IP right, plant varieties, in the analysis. Secondly, the report reflects the contemporary focus of policymakers in Europe and beyond, with a new chapter on the economic importance of climate change mitigation technologies (CCMTs).

In this updated study IPR-intensive industries have once again been found to be integral to GDP, employment and trade. Furthermore, the results indicate that the contribution of these industries to the European economy has grown since the first study. In addition, IPR-intensive industries appear to have coped better with the severe economic crisis than the economy as a whole.

The full report in English, executive summaries and press releases in 22 languages, as well as some infographics, can be found on the Observatory's restricted access site here.

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