Observatory's Enforcement Database up and running
The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights has at last launched its long-awaited enforcement database. Designed as a bridge between rights holders and enforcement professionals such as the police and customs, it seeks to provide a secure, central repository of information on products.

Brand owners can choose what information to upload to the database about their products in order to ensure that the authorities across Europe have instant access to data that will help them to identify and intercept pirated or counterfeit goods.  This information, translated into all the official languages of the EU, will also help rights holders file their Application to Customs for Action ("AFA") electronically, directly into the COPIS customs system.

Use of the database is free of charge: the only prerequisite for registration is a valid registered trade mark within the EU. The Observatory's recent IP Contribution Study shows that a large part of European industry is IP rights-intensive and that intellectual property assets need appropriate protection. By using the enforcement database, brand owners can help support the fight against piracy and counterfeiting. In short, the more participants there are, the more effective this useful tool will be.

Click here for more information, taken from the Observatory's Second Plenary Meeting on 28 and 29 October

To find out all about the enforcement database, click here.
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