EU holds strong as Madrid system filings drop

International trademark filings marked a 16% drop in 2009, according to WIPO, while renewals had a comparatively smaller decrease (-1.2%).

However, it appears the EU is holding strong. Over half of the international applications received came from the EU (this means both applications though national offices and OHIM), and EU as a whole has a 3,1% increase in filings to show for itself, now becoming the second larger user of the Madrid system . On the national level marked declines in international applications include the Czech Republic (-34.6%), Sweden (-34%), Italy (‑32.2%), Spain (‑29.9%), Denmark (-27.1%), Benelux (-26.2%), and Germany (-22.9%). Not a very good year for Greek use of the Madrid system either.

Posted by: Nikos Prentoulis @ 14.56
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