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Stanley FuBar Utility Bar Not Fubar According to U.S. Federal Circuit
Tags: design, design patent, Fubar, functional, infringement, Richardson, Stanley, useful
Posted By: Chris G
Posted on 10/03/2010 @ 15.43
Crocs Bite ITC
Tags: clogs, crocs, design patent, footwear, infringement, ITC, ordinary observer
Posted By: David Musker
Posted on 25/02/2010 @ 12.01
US design validity
Tags: design patent, functionality, us, validity
Posted By: David Musker
Posted on 30/11/2009 @ 14.36
Coming soon: new design law for China
Tags: china, Third revision of patent law
Posted By: Blog Administrator
Posted on 08/09/2009 @ 17.20