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Smart Technologies - CTM filing not made simple
Tags: Distinctive character, General Court, slogan
Posted By: Laetitia Lagarde
Posted on 06/05/2011 @ 08.44
OHIM Boards of Appeal and the rules of chivalry
Tags: OHIM Board of Appeal, likelihood of confusion, word and figurative trademarks, slogans
Posted By: Benedetta Cordovado
Posted on 01/03/2011 @ 20.20
BEST BUY not identified as the "world's largest consumer-electronics retailer"
Tags: ECJ, Best buy, advertising slogan
Posted By: Laetitia Lagarde
Posted on 17/01/2011 @ 09.14
German Federal Patent Court: “Bollywood macht glücklich!” (tr: Bollywood makes you happy!).
Tags: Bundespatentgericht, Germany, German trade marks, slogan
Posted By: Birgit Clark
Posted on 27/11/2009 @ 13.25
Spain – Supreme Court on slogan trade marks: no need of a special treatment (if anyone still doubted).
Tags: Spain, slogan trade marks.
Posted By: Ignacio Marques
Posted on 24/11/2009 @ 11.12
Finland: European Criteria
Tags: distinctiveness, finland, slogans
Posted By: Mikael Kolehmainen
Posted on 06/02/2009 @ 07.04
CTM applicant dreams on, but application fails
Tags: aspirational slogans, community trade marks, Registrability
Posted By: Blog Administrator
Posted on 02/07/2008 @ 12.58