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Switzerland: restrictive practice regarding shape marks also applies to packaging
Tags: Switzerland, absolute grounds of refusal, shape marks, 3d marks
Posted By: Mark Schweizer
Posted on 07/09/2011 @ 13.22
Switzerland: Nespresso suit runs out of steam
Tags: switzerland, preliminary injunction, shape mark, 3d mark, absolute ground of refusal, technical necessity
Posted By: Mark Schweizer
Posted on 04/03/2011 @ 19.59
Nestlé enforces 3D Nespresso capsule mark in Switzerland
Tags: Switzerland, shape mark, 3d mark, technical necessity, ex parte injunction
Posted By: Mark Schweizer
Posted on 11/01/2011 @ 16.48
Chocolates and product shape marks
Tags: 3D, 3D mark, Benelux, Germany, France, chocolate
Posted By: Frédéric Glaize
Posted on 07/01/2011 @ 14.02
3-D or not 3-D, that is the question …
Tags: Germany, 3D marks
Posted By: Blog Administrator
Posted on 26/10/2010 @ 15.46