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The Education Team has prepared a list of publications available, in the field of intellectual property with specific reference to trade marks.   If you would like to add to this list please send details of the relevant publication, preferably with a short summary or review to info@marques.org
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Recommended Reading: South Korea

Intellectual Property Law in Korea    (South Korea)

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ISBN: 9041199063
Author: Christopher Heath
Publisher:   Kluwer Academic Publishers
Published in English

Clarifies all the essential details of practice and procedure in the major areas of intellectual property law in Korea.

PLC Global Counsel Intellectual Property Handbook 2002    (South Korea)
Publisher:   Practical Law Company Ltd
Published in English

A comprehensive guide to the law and lawyers in the practice area worldwide.

Trademark Anticounterfeiting in Asia and the Pacific Rim    (South Korea)
Author: Nils Victor Montan
Publisher:   International Trademark Association
Published in English

This practical reference defines the problem of trademark counterfeiting and proposes strategies for administering a concerted effective program for dealing with it both generally and specifically, in fourteen key countries in Asia and the Pacific Rim.

World Trademark Law Report Yearbook 2005    (South Korea)
Publisher:   Globe Business Publishing Ltd
Published in English

An invaluable reference guide to trademark law in 42 key jurisdictions. The country chapters provide a detailed comparison of some of the most important aspects of trademark law around the world. They enable practitioners to acquire new, or refresh their existing, knowledge of trademark law in countries where their clients have business interests.

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