Making the TMR more European?
From Professor Tobias Cohen Jehoram (Advocaat with MARQUES member De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek NV) comes a message which may be of great interest to those who feel that insufficient coverage is given to European trade mark topics in the International Trademark Association's Trademark Reporter. He tells us: 

"I'm sure you are familiar with The Trademark Reporter, INTA's academic (and peer reviewed) trade mark law review. As one of the reviewers I have been asked to see whether we would be able to increase the number of contributions from Europe; so far the publication has been dominated by US authors, and that does not do justice to the international reach and relevance of INTA, nor its academic endeavours and goals. 

Do you maybe have a publication to your name that was only published in your country? The TMR has a policy of allowing such articles to be 'recycled', especially if they were originally not published in English. 

Also, would you be interested in writing an article for the TMR? There are plenty of subjects (I would be more than happy to suggest a few) and they do not necessarily have to be on trade mark law as such (for instance article on the psychology of trade marks, market research, procedural issues, etc. are more than welcome). Do drop me a line if you would be interested. If you know of colleagues or others who might want to contribute, they can contact me too".  

You can email Tobias here if you have any questions -- or want to discuss possible articles with him.
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