MONDAY, 11 JULY 2011
Misleading requests for payment: new guide to warning notices now available
A new revised version of the MARQUES Class 46 note on Providers of Warning Information is available this morning here.  It now reflects the practices of some 20 national and international intellectual property right-granting offices with regard to the warnings given to trade mark and patent applicants, who are often faced with deceptive official-looking requests for payments of fees or to list their rights in a register.

Portugal can be commended for the strenuous steps it has taken this year to alert users of its IP system to the perils of these requests for payment. The United Kingdom's Intellectual Property Office has also now taken to warning new applicants routinely. We also understand that national offices within Europe, together with OHIM, are beginning to pool their information.  However, no steps have been taken yet to address the cause of the problem, which is that in most jurisdictions it seems that it is legal for businesses to solicit such payments.

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