FRIDAY, 16 JULY 2010
Octopus Paul trade marks

Paul, the psychic octopus, who was (allegedly...) born in England but resides in a German zoo, became a global sensation when he correctly predicted the outcome of all Germany games in the recent football World Cup as well as the result of the World Cup final.  Now a bidding war appears to have started and a Spanish zoo has already sent a negotiator to effect Paul's transfer from Germany to Spain.

Now, how long would it take for the first Paul trade marks to appear?  You got it, it did not take very long.  Please see the first offerings below taken from the OHIM and German trade mark registers respectively. 

Polpo is the Italian word for octopus by the way, most likely inspired by the latest rumours that Paul is not English born but actually from Italy. Das Orakel is German for the oracle...  Why do I have to think of polar bear Knut all of a sudden? 


Posted by: Birgit Clark @ 07.09
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