Russia: .РФ priority registration period extended

This is an update for the previously reported update:  

The priority period for registration of the .РФ domain was due to end on 25 March after which the exploitation of the newly registered domain names would have begun. However, just a day before the deadline, it was agreed to extend the period of priority registration until 11 May 2010 due to an extensive amount of administrative queries from various organisations, wishing to reserve some domain names. The Coordinating Centre (responsible for formulating the rules related to registration of domain names .RU and .РФ) did not clarify whether the already registered domain names will become active at the end of the extended priority period or at the originally promised end of March/beginning of April. 

Unsurprisingly, the official website does not make it clear when the planned auction for domain names (possibility of registration by anyone interested at a fixed price, which will be lowered with time; originally due to begin in April 2010) and the “open” registration (purchase of domain names at a market value; originally due to begin in July 2010) will take place.

At the moment, the price of registration stands on 10,000 RUB (about £225, €252). Just to compare- to register a trademark with the domain name .RU costs 590RUB and 580RUB for .EU.

Posted by: Sasha Yelnik @ 12.14
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