Russia: update on the registration of Cyrillic domain names

As of today trade mark owners can apply for registration of their Cyrillic domain names in Russia . The priority period for the trade mark owners will last until 25 March 2010 after which the registration procedure will be open to every Russian citizen.

According to RBC (RosBusinessConsulting) there have been about 3000 preliminary applications submitted by commercial companies within the last 10 days. More than half of them were rejected as they did not complied with the prescribed rules. The majority of the rejected applications either did not include the whole mark in the domain name or used a mixture of Latin and Cyrillic symbols. The registrars, foreseeing many more recklessly filled in forms, have asked the applicants to take care when reading the instructions as failure to do so causes delays in the registration process (and, is likely to make the clerks irritated thus leading to an increase in the already high levels of bureaucracy).

Text of the article (Russian)

Posted by: Sasha Yelnik @ 08.07

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