TEFLON owners make infringement charges stick in Russia
US chemical company DuPont won its trade mark infringement action against two Russian companies -- Domtek and its retail outlet ZAO Pilot -- which imported and sold cookware under DuPont's brand name TEFLON.  The Moscow State Arbitration Court ordered the two companies to pay approximately €18,000 ($23,000) in damages to DuPont and to stop immediately using that brand name on their products.   An appeal to the Moscow Ninth Arbitration Appeal Court was dismissed, the appeal court finding that TEFLON was a well-known mark in Russia and that the unlawful use of the mark by the defendants misled consumers as to the quality of the products and caused financial losses to DuPont. 

Source: note in World Trademark Review by Jelena Jankovic (PETOŠEVIC, Belgrade)

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