Russia: Enjoyed your coffee lately?
The court in St. Petersburg found a group of 9 men guilty of unlawfully using famous trade marks when producing their own low quality coffee. So if you are in Moscow and its regions, St. Petersburg, Voronej, Ekaterinburg or Perm and your coffee has not been tasting right lately, the 3 brothers and their gang may had been the reason. They produced the so-called "coffee" out of cheap Polish coffee-drink with the aid of unqualified workers in anti-sanitary conditions in St. Petersburg and its regions. The high quality package with trade marks of "Nescafe Classic" and "Maxwell House" were ordered from various factories. 

Having packed the product, the gang produced falsified documents confirming the "real" origin of the goods  and the certificates of satisfactory quality. Afterwards the coffee was sold in different shops in 5 Russian cities, causing Nestle Food and Kraft Foods Rus, who are the legal owners of the exclusive rights to the use of the above marks on the territory of Russian Federation, a loss of trade in the amount of more than 1.5 million roubles.

The Court agreed that in breach of s.130 of Part 3 of the Russian Criminal Code there was an unlawful use of others' registered trade marks. The brothers that were responsible for organising the business were sentenced to 3 and 2.5 years in a penal settlement. Others were given suspended sentences varying from 2 to 3 years of imprisonment.

In addition to the above action, the Court satisfied the civil claims on the matter of loss of trade on a sum of 2 million roubles by Nestle Food and Kraft Foods Rus. Further, the Court awarded 5.5 million roubles for the damage to the plaintiffs' professional reputations.

The Russian article can be found here

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