Switzerland: health claims regulation fully in force after 31 March 2010

Switzerland's regulation regarding food safety and labelling has been brought into line with the EU's harmonized rules in this area, namely the health claims regulation. The use-up period for food not yet labelled according to the new regulation ends on 31 March 2010. After this date, no health claims - and that includes any "suggestion" that a food may be beneficial for your health (art. 29f Decree on Labelling and Advertising of Foodstuffs) - may be made unless it is either listed in annex 8 of said decree or a special permission by the Federal Health Office has been obtained. Trade marks that may be understood as health claims may only be used if a permissible health claim is added (art. 29i(6) Decree).

I leave it up to the reader to judge whether the above ad for children's food would be permissible under the new law (the claim reads "prepares generations of athletes"). The ad was found using the excellent Vintage Ad Browser.

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