Finland: 2009 in Counterfeits

According to an article in the Finnish daily financial news paper Kauppalehti, the Finnish Customs has seen more counterfeit action in 2009 than in previous few years.

According to Senior Customs Inspector Mr. Ryyttäri, the Finnish Customs has also witnessed the rise of some new ”hit products”. In addition to the traditionally favoured goods in the counterfeiting business such as clothes, shoes, clothing accessories and cosmetics, the Customs has in a number of instances also come across e.g. jacks used in car repair shops.

Not surprisingly, one of the most counterfeited product groups still seem to be medicines, but the Customs officials regularly also come across counterfeit mobile phones, their chargers and DVD players. Rather interestingly, also the trafficking in counterfeit watches has proven to be such that it has even created storage problems for the Finnish Customs.

However, as a positive conclusion, the article goes on to state that counterfeit products appear not to be very popular in Finland. Mr. Ryyttäri believes that Finnish consumers simply do not accept counterfeit products, and above all Finland appears to merely be a transit route to bigger markets, such as the Russian Federation.

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