UK: The latest registration initiatives by the IPO

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has recently developed a number of initiatives aimed at making it cheaper and easier for businesses to realise benefits of trade mark registration, thus encouraging growth and enhanced strength of the enterprise.

First, after having paid the initial £100 (half the standard application fee) the applicants will be able to see their examination report and choose whether to proceed with the application and to pay the remainder. The IPO also promised to ensure the presence of “helpful trade mark examiners” eager to assist throughout the process.

Additionally, there will be a discount of 15% (£30) for electronic filing of an application on the condition that the sum is to be payable immediately after the completion of the procedure. Having provided the discount for e-filing, the IPO demonstrated once more its support to those wishing to manage their intellectual property and its encouragement to invest in the protection of businesses' intangible assets.

The final point concerns series of trade marks. Instead of abolishing the whole idea, a supplement fee of £50 will be charged on any additional mark in the series beyond the first two.

More details on the initiatives can be found here.

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