Latest Alicante News now published

The latest edition of the Alicante news, the OHIM's monthly newsletter, has now been published. It features the usual jurisprudence highlights, explains "How the Internet is driving change", an interview with Nadine Jacobson of Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu in New York, an overview of Boards of Appeal decisions; information on how to get certified copies from OHIM; monthly statistical highlights April 2008 and it explains "What happens after clicking 'submit' when e-filing?" (Intriguingly it states "... in principle, there is no human intervention.")

Contribtuors to the current edition are James Nurton, Wouter Verburg, Cayetana Borrego, Herbert Meister, Nicolas Vigneron, Nicasio Agustina, Christoph Bartos, Alexandra Apostolakis, Martin Schlotelburg, Christian Jacob and Mikael Wesslegard.

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