Poland: Minimum rates

200PLNPolish newspaper Gazeta Prawna has published an updated table presenting official rates regarding trade mark attorney's minimum fees. Those rates are based on the Regulation of the Minister of Justice from 2 December 2003 on minimum rates for patent attorneys' activites (Rozporzadzenie Ministra Sprawiedliwosci z dnia 2 grudnia 2003 r., w sprawie oplat za czynnosci rzeczników patentowych, Dziennik Ustaw z dnia 15 grudnia 2003 r.). The minimum rate for preparing and filling a trade mark application is set to 600 PLN. The minimum rate for drafting a complaint against the Polish Patent Office's decision and acting in the first instance proceeding before the PPO is set to 600 PLN.

(The exchange rate used in this post as an example for Class 46 readers is based on Google's service for which all foreign currency rates are provided by Citibank N.A.)

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